I made this site for two purposes. First, I wanted to put some of my artwork on the web, and second, I wanted to challenge myself as a designer, to create a website that would reflect the process of creating my photographs. I trust the design of this site will change and hope that your feedback will help to make it better. As you look through the pages, I'd ask you to think about why I did certain things. I'm interested in whether my viewers like to see details of my pictures, or whether they'd like to see thumbnailed images only. Have you been able to find the titles for each individual picture? How do you like the navigation? Please let me know.

I created the four button toolbar on the left side, so that visitors could visit every single page on the site without having to use any of their browsers buttons. The site functions on two levels and the arrows will bring you from page to page within them. If you choose just to look at photographs, you need not visit anywhere else on the site to get to them. I hope this is self evident, and makes a site visit simple and fun.

This site was made primarily on a monitor that displays 1024 x 768 pixels. When the browser is set to full size, my images, on average tend to have the white space around them that I think they need. On a smaller display of 800 x 600, users should minimize the navigation on their browsers and maximize their screens. Otherwise a small amount of scrolling will be necessary.

Many thanks to my long time collaborator, James Mill for his advice on
the site architecture and aesthetic critiques.

This site was last updated on October 27, 2000

All images and text are ©2000 Jay L. Gardner. No reproduction without written permission from me!